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Morris Island Lighthouse Tours


 Reel Time Charters invites you on an amazing 2 hour private tour through the historical waterways of Charleston, SC




morris island lighthouse tour

Morris Island Lighthouse and Dolphin Tours will introduce you to Mother Nature at her finest. You will see many wildlife unique to this area. This includes playful and curious Bottlenose Dolphin that migrate to South Carolina’s Intracoastal waterways. You may also experience Sea Turtles, Pelicans, Egrets, Herons and other shore birds and species.This boat ride can easily become a private Eco Tour for folks interested in Charleston’s marine environment and blending ecosystems. The Eco Tour will provide you with knowledge about the four main building blocks of our estuary. All of which you can learn about on our wonderful Eco Tour.

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morris island light house tours

Currently the lighthouse is preserved by the State of South Carolina. A concrete barrier has been constructed to further uphold this part of Charleston history.

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This Tour includes an optional beach walk


Rates for the Morris Island and Dolphin Tour are as follows:

-$150 up to 3 people, $50 per additional up to 6 people.

-Group rates for 6 people, 6th person rides for free!