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This is truly a boat ride to cherish as seeing Charleston and all her beauty and lights from the perspective of a moonlight tour with Reel Time Charters.See the captivating view of Charleston and her surrounding barrier islands at night

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As soon as we pull away from land, start looking for the unique wildlife you can locate only at night. Sit back and watch the amazing lights of one of the most historical and charming cities in the country. Break away from the turmoil of day to day life and join Reel Time Charters on a Moonlight Tour for a peaceful yet entertaining evening.







There’s no doubt that relaxing under the stars with your special someone can be a romantic and calming tour and is definitely one of the best ways to see Charleston and the amazing beauty of this city at night.




Listen for the Sullivan’s Island lighthouse communicating with the large container ships as they arrive close to the harbor.reel time charter adventure moonlit tours


See if you can count the number of church steeples lit up in what is known as the Holy City in this one of a kind night view.

During this Moonlight Tour with Reel Time Charters, you will see many shorebirds such as the Black-Crowned Night Heron and the Yellow-Crowned Night Heron.

The black-crowned night heron, often referred to as a night heron, have has a black crown and black back. Its body is a greyish or white color with short yellow legs. Their underparts are white and they have light grey wings and are around 25 inches long. Black-crowned night herons are unlike the typical body form of the heron family. They are somewhat sturdy and chunky with smaller bills, legs, and necks than their cousins, the egrets and “day” herons. Their resting posture is normally somewhat curved but when hunting they stretch out their necks and look more like other wading birds. These are very noisy birds so they shouldn’t be hard to miss as they demand attention with their loud screeches.





Also look for the Yellow-Crowned Night Heron which is also known as the American Night Heron is a moderately small heron that is found in warmer coastal parts of the world.


Great Horned Owl, (Bubo virginianus), also known as the Tiger Owl

There are also several species of owls including the interesting Great-Horned Owl.



You cannot miss the Bottlenose Dolphins as they play and race along with the boat. Even the pelicans are out at night performing diving acts.

Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge Illuminated in Evening over Cooper River Connecting Charleston and Mount Pleasant in South Carolina

The remarkable Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge is truly a site to remember. It is the largest suspension bridge in North America. It is an extraordinary display to see it lit up at night.

On Reel Time Charters Moonlight Tour, you will see the Battery and the historic homes and many church steeples lit up at night.

The sunsets are truly amazing and unique each day.

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It is genuinely a delight to see Charleston, SC from the water at night. Reel Time Charters Moonlight Tour is a wonderful conclusion to any evening in Charleston offering you a personal, relaxing and unique experience we know you will enjoy.

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